Scout Madrid Hostel is located in the District of Moratalaz, a quiet space in Madrid capital and well-connected with the Center both by public transport (metro and bus) as by car. Just behind the Parish Church of Our Lady of Moratalaz.
c / entre arroyos 19 bis
28.030 – Madrid
Metro: line 9 Vinateros (exit by C/ Arroyo Belincoso, 36).
EMT: lines 32, 30, 20, 113, 8, N8 (stop between streams).
Car: Direct access from motorways M30, M40, A3 and M23/R3

It is not regulated parking area, so there is no problem to park your car and move by public transport is easy and comfortable.

How to get?

From the airport:


  • Airport metro line 8.
  • Transshipment in Colombia, line 9 of metro station.
  • Line 9, get off at station vintners, exit by C/ Arroyo Belincoso, 36.


1st bus Express airport to Atocha (web: Airport Express).

2nd EMT bus line 32 from Atocha to stop Entrearroyos (route of line 32: EMT line 32).

From train stations:

Chamartín train station


  • Chamartin metro line 10.
  • I transfer Plaza Castilla, line 9.
  • Metro line 9, station vintners, exit by c / Arroyo Belincoso, 36.


  • 1st train nearby Chamartín to Atocha.
  • 2nd EMT bus line 32, from Atocha to stop interlinings.

Atocha railway station

Bus: bus line 32 from Atocha to stop Entrearroyos.

From bus stations:

Avenida de América bus station


  • Avenida de America metro line 9, to stop winemakers, output c / Arroyo Belincoso, 36.

Mendez Alvaro bus station


  • Méndez Álvaro metro line 6 circular.
  • Transshipment station Sainz de Baranda, line 9.
  • Metro line 9, station vintners, exit by c / Arroyo Belincoso, 36.


Line 113, stop Plaza Corregidor Alonso Aguilar (in the Plaza of the meeting).

Night bus

And if you’re very late (for 24 h. 6 pm.), you can use the night transport:

EMT line N8 (night bus) from Cibeles to stop Entrearroyos. Route: EMT line N8

For more information: