The Scout Project Madrid Hostel, is an initiative of Scouts de Madrid – MSC that manages through the Foundation promise.

Together, we have opted to offer the best accommodation in Madrid for young visitors of our city. We’ve optimized the spaces and facilities of the hostel especially for groups of various kinds, thinking in facilities where to develop events, conferences, courses, testing and different socio-cultural activities, being participatory benchmark with other associations and entities of educational or social nature of our environment.


Logo of Scouts of Madrid - MSC


We are the education movement in the free time head of Catholic Scouting in Madrid. We are part of Scouts MSC with over 28,000 children, girls, young people and adults, 12,000 families and 400 Christian communities that make up the Scout.

We are part of the Scout movement, a universal brotherhood that shares an ideal of life, a method of work and a mission: contribute to the construction of a world better. Through our activities, articulated in accordance with the Scout method, we accompany the children and young people in their personal growth process, suggesting the active involvement in a non-formal educational project that allows them to star in their own development.

Through its educational task, responsible for scouts develop a service to others through which the movement contributes to the positive transformation of the world, using his personal example as a fundamental tool and engaging in training and development processes.

Promise Foundation logo


With the aim of contributing to the promotion of children and youth, and considering that Scouting is especially privileged to do so, in the year 2010 was the promise Foundation.

It has as mission the promotion of education, especially in leisure time individuals, as well as collaboration with the school and other institutions in the integral education of children and young people from the Scout methodology.

Was created on the initiative of Scouts de Madrid – MSC and seeks new formulas for participation in the movement, linking the old scouts and supporters, seek new forms of support to active Scouting and get some greater levels of associative stability.